Success, I beg to differ


8fact-lying - success


I have always questioned myself about everything. I suppose this is because of my father, a very critical and objective man, not necessarily unbiased, who needed to be like St. Thomas, “no see, no believe”; contrary my mom incredible devoted woman, a true believer and profoundly faithful to religion, even though my dad eventually goes to church and maybe the pain and the kicks in life really converted him into praying with mom’s help… happens to be that I’m right in the middle of what now I know is an epistemical debate.

Or maybe because I studied my ass-off and filled my brain with so much information or because I have a “partner-in-life” who is a drop-out seminarist, that well, questions in life become more critical and judgemental as I question myself right now: Who holds the Truth?

Science and philosophy have been both an important part of the way I think, but let me tell you, is very tricky when I try to see the world in order to understand things and try to make out my mind.

All the knowledge I hold (not so much, by the way…) has been based on a occidental sight. All books at school I’ve read are charged with this cold, analytic and particularizing view of the concepts made by men -or some, at least- but, it has not fulfilled me at all. The more I learn in this way, the more I get confused, and the less I can answer to real meaning of life, and of course, a human being’s meaning of existance, including mine.

I discovered that there are lacks between knowledge and wisdom. Now I know that the sight of our own world is made of individual perceptions, which makes so much more complicated to pick a side of the story.

And there’s a challenge too, when you have a gift of God that has been given to you as a very unique treasure to love and to care, like my beautiful daughter.

I believe we are integral humans being, I believe that values as integrity, honesty, dignity, love and caring are crucial to be better as persons, but I still regard it all has to be based on the objetive fact. And there’s the trick and the doubt: science cannot explain everything, but faith if not strong, is useless.

When I saw this “8fact” about lying, it reminded me that I am not as succesful as occident defines it; certainly, it has been because I have been critical and judgemental (and not diplomatical at all) about the systems I’ve worked in, and how “image” and some kind of “loyalty to the system” (for some people, at least) are more important that facts and truth, themselves.

I have values, but they don’t seem to be the ones requiered to be successful in a competitive world. How, then, can I say we have built a better world for our children based on this parameters?

My parents teached, guided and enlightened us to be truthful to the fact, to our beliefs and to ourselves, and, I pretend to guide my daughter by the same path. And, maybe, she won’t be as ‘successful’ as the capitalist world expects to be, but, if she’s at least as happy as I am, I will be able to say: I succeeded.



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